Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where will the Union's capital be?

Clearly, if the Transvaal were to say "No union unless Pretoria is the capital," and the Cape Colony were to follow suit by saying - "No union unless Capetown is the capital," the idea of union might be postponed to the Greek Kalends.
We trust, however, that nothing of the kind will happen.
It would be an ignoble ending to a movement which has appealed in an altogether remarkable degree to the best minds in South Africa.
But the amount of feeling which has already been envoked renders it almost hopeless to expect that a decision by the National Convention on this vexed question would be accepted as final.
The obvious solution, therefore, is for the question to be submitted by common consent to the arbitrament of the people as a whole, each Colony binding itself to abide by the result whatever it may be. - "D F Advertiser."

Eastern Province Herald - February 1, 1909

Amazing how pride always comes into the equation, isn't it? What difference does it actually make? Thre are representative from the whole country there anyway. I suppose real estate values would go up wherever the capital is build. Anyone rushing off to Bhisho to buy a house? Anyone know where the Greek Kalends are?

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Gerrie said...

A time that will never come, as the Greeks had no calends; or a point or time that does not or will not exist.
Calends - The day of the new moon and the first day of the month in the ancient Roman calendar