Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trouble comes in threes

Here is an illustration of the old saying about troubles coming in battalions, which seems weird in its intensity.
Mr E J Klette had thre beautiful grey horses, two of which formed a pair, which he sold provisionally to a firm in East London while on a visit there.
He came back to find that the pair had been seized with paralysis and been shot.
But worse was to follow.
The coloured man who came to fetch him from the station inspanned the remaining grey, and a hired horse, and was sent off with strict injunctions not to go farther than a certain outspan on the first day.
He did so.
However, he disregarded instructions, with the result that the sole remaining grey dropped dead at an outspan the next day.

Eastern Province Herald - February 15, 1909

I wonder if he kept his job or if Mr Klette fired him for disregarding his instructions.

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