Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Plucky Skipper

A Grimsby trawler captain has earned distinction by saving his stranded vessel and rescuing his crew.
The trawler was the Buffalo, which reached Grimsby in mail week from Iceland.
During recent gales she stranded on the dangerous rocky coast, the crew leaving in a small boat for the land.
The skipper refused to accompany them, and after some hours, working alternately in the stokehold and ther engine room, he got the vessel off on the rising tide.
For over three hours he navigated the vessel while searching for the crew, whom he found drifting out to sea and rescued them with difficulty.
The Buffalo was slightlty damaged.

Eastern Province Herald - February 2, 1909

Why did the crew leave if there was enought time for the skipper to get things going o hs own. Something very fishy over here.

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