Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pendower's Captain knocked over by train

What might have proved to be a serious accident, but from which a fatal termination was providentially averted, occurred during the lunch hour on Saturday.
Captain D Williamson, of the steamer "Pendower," which was off-loading a cargo of mealies from Rosario at the Dom Pedro Jetty, was returning to his ship along the pathway leading to the sea-wall when, in crossing the Avontuur Railway Line at the point where it enters the bridge over the Baaken's River, he was knocked down by the passenger train for Humansdorp which left the terminus at 1.45.
The train was immediately brought to a standstill, and Captain Williamson was assisted to the Police Box at the gates of the Harbour Board ground.
Here he was attended to by Dr Oats, the Avontuur Railway doctor, who was summoned and arrived shortly after the accident, and who was fortunately able to announce that the captain's injuries only consisted of a few slight abrasions to the left side of the face.
After a short rest Captain Williamson was able to proceed to his ship.
The mechanical alarm bell, which rings when a train is approaching from either side of the bridge, was in working order, and it is rather remarkable that Captain Williamson failed to hear or see the danger.

Eastern Province Herald - January 11, 1909

So what do you think? Maybe the Captain was deaf or drunk? It was just after lunch and maybe he drunk a dop or two too many. Could the food have resulted in a slight case of inebriation?

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