Friday, February 13, 2009

New Brighton meeting

A representative gathering of natives of New Brighton (Port Elizabeth) was met by Mr W C Scully, RM (Regional Magistrate), in the Ethiopian Church last evening, for the purposes of discussing matters affecting the location.
Mr Scully, who was introduced by Mr Whitfield, ARM (Assistant Regional Magistrate) of New Brighton, explained that instructions had been received that the Magistracy at New Brighton was to be abolished, but he assured them of his friendship, stating that none of their rights and privileges would be taken away.
He would always be willing to look after their welfare, and to receive a deputation from them when they could state any grievance they might have.
Several of the natives spoke, all complaining that the Magistracy was being abolished.
Mr Scully, however, explained that it was no use referring to that point as it was already an accomplished fact.
Their spokesman replied that when the location was instituted they were promised that a magistrate would be stationed there.
Mr Scully pointed out that the abolition of the Magistracy was caused by the reduction of the population, and in the event of the population increasing again to the former number, no doubt the Magistracy would be revived.
He explained that Inspector Stubbs was being transferred, and Mr Gratton was going to be appointed as Inspector.
All cases would be tried at Port Elizabeth and the Magistrate of Port Elizabeth (Mr Scully) would take the chair at the Advisory Board meeting, which would be held once a month, he going out to New Brighton for that purpose.
The concluded the business.

Eastern Province Herald - February 9, 1909

So the authorities failed to keep their word. No wonder the Blacks have such a deep mistrust of White people. One would have expected the Victorians to give morality and honour high preferance over economic sustainability.

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