Friday, February 6, 2009

Marriage at 14?

A young girl who has just turned the age of 14 years, the other day applied at Rouxville for the publication of her bands of marriage with a certain young man.
I do not know (adds a correspondent) what was said to the love-sick maid; anyhow, she will have to get through life as best she can in single blessedness for at least another year, for mercifully, the law of the land decrees that a maid shall have reached the age of 15, and the swain 18, before they may be permitted to enter the blissful state of matrimony.
Perhaps the ardour of her youthful love will have cooled by that time.
We shall see anon.

Eastern Province Herald - February 2, 1909

What's the rush? Surely she would like to sow her wild oats before she ties herself down to some guy. Hug a cushion, I always say . . . ha ha ha!

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