Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Little Johnny's appetite

Little Johnny was in the habit of wanting more victuals put upon his plate than he could eat.
His papa decided to break him of the habit.
One day, as Johnny insisted upon being served until his plate was well filled, his papa said: "Johnny, if I give you this you will have to eat every bit of it, or I will punish you."
Johnny promised that he would, and bravely did the little fellow try to do so, but in vain.
It was too much for him.
He would try again and again, and then, look sorrowfully at his papa.
Finally, laying down his fork, he said: "Papa, if you was me, which would you rather do, bet a licking or bust?"
Rehoboth Sunday Herald

Eastern Province Herald - February 17, 1909

Reminds me of my mom saying: "Don't waste your food. Just think about all the starving people in Africa who have nothing to eat."

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