Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Leper's grievances ventilated

The Colonial Secretary paid a visit to Robben Island on Monday, and addressed the lepers in regard to certain grievances.
It appears that a number of lepers refused to submit themselves to the Medical Board, to whose methods they objected.
The Colonial Secretary said no change could be made in the Board and no insubordination would be tolerated.
The Government had the interest of lepers at heart.
An additional medical man was about to be appointed for research in the island, and the Government was also sending a representative to the International Leprosy Congress.
The assurances of the Colonial Secretary appeared to give satisfaction to the lepers.

Eastern Province Herald - February 17, 1909

The Colonial Secretary had a lot to learn about dealing with people. How arrogant to accuse sick people of "insubordination" when all they were doing was airing their views.

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