Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ladies as Boxers

The following from the New York correspondent of the London "Daily Telegraph" appeared in that journal on December 25:-
The athletic sensation of the year was provided at Worcester, Massachusetts, last night, when Miss Evangeline Carring and Miss Daisy Frenier, two pretty 18 year-old girls fought a rattling bout before the Winchendon Athletic Club.
Both are known in local society as experienced boxers, but in the present case rivalry was accentuated because it was understood that both aspired in the direction of the same sweetheart.
Moreover, Worcester "sports" contributed a purse of £50.
There was a 12ft ring nicely roped in, a sanded floor, sponge-holders, referee, and all the other accessories of the prize ring.
The girls faced each other manfully, and fought four spirited rounds, when Miss Carring, who seemed over excited, declared her readiness to quit.
Being savagely taunted, however, by her opponent, Miss Carring jumped into the ring again, and agreed to a second fight of eight rounds to settle the question of supremacy.
Miss Carring battled like a vixen, and was going strong at the end of the eighth round, when the referee, fearing that Miss Frenier might be knocked out, and the police might seize an excuse for proceedings, declared the bout finished, and gave a decision for Miss Carring.
The girl fighters wore white peek-a-boo sweaters, white skirts to the knees, and openwork black stockings, and tennis shoes.
Blood was drawn, and several times each lady was sent crashing into the ropes.

Eastern Province Herald - February 4, 1909

Looks as though these American ladies were tough cookies. Don't you simply love the way the two girls "faced each other manfully" and "Miss Carring battled like a vixen"? I wonder who got the boyfriend? If I was the boyfriend I'd drop both of them for being rather idiotic.

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