Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kissed by 400 girls

A youthful Englishman, who was a wireless operator on the ill-fated liner Republic, and was on duty for 60 hours after the collision with the Florida, is being lionised in New York.
Biographical articles are appearing in papers, and society people are entertaining him to banquets.
Last night he was forced to address an audience from the stage of the Hippodrome, and following this 400 chorus girls rushed upon the stage and kissed him.

Eastern Province Herald - February 1, 1909

So next time you want to be kissed by 400 chorus girls, get a job as a wireless operator on a ship that's about to sink, sit there for 60 hours, hire the Hippodrome when you get back and presto, you'll be the most kissable hunk in the world.

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