Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fatal drowing near Jansenville

The old saying that grief very often follows joy has been exemplified, the "Graaff-Reinet Advertiser's" correspondent is sorry to say in the district of Jansenville, most painfully.
It appears that a Mr Slabbert was married to a Miss Nel, on Monday last, in Jansenville, and they then went out to the farm at Greystone, where were gathered a number of friends to welcome them and keep the marriage feast.
The homestead is close to the river, and most of the horses of the visitors were driven across to the veld on the other side.
The river, however, came down, and some who were desirous of going home wished to inspan.
A young man, 23 years of age, named Hans Oelse, son of Rudolf Oelse, of Driekoppen, volunteered to saddle a horse and try to bring the other horses over.
The river was dangerously full, but not withstanding, in plunged horse and rider, and when about midstream the horse refused to go further, and Oelse had to return.
Again, with determination one can admire but must deplore, he mounted another horse and essayed to cross; this time he reached about the same place as previously, when the horse was forced completely over by the strength of the stream and Oelse disappeared.
His body was discovered next day a long way down the river against some wire fencing.

Eastern Province Herald - February 15, 1909

Amazing. This guy must have had rocks in his head. Even his horse knew better. Talk about horse-sense. Obviously Oelse didn't have any. People simply don't realise how dangerous flooded rivers are. You have to be so careful.

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