Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cat attacks child

A curious case is related in connection with serious injuries which have been caused to a child, aged four years, named Schalkwyk, resident at Potchefstroom.
The child's mother returned to the house after a temporary absence to find the youngster being viciously attacked by a male cat, the animal using both teeth and claws on the face, arms and body of the screaming child.
With assistance the cat was dragged away and killed, but not before the little one had been most terribly scratched.
It is believed the child teased the cat until it became in such a dengerous mood.

Eastern Province Herald - February 2, 1909

Just goes to show, a cat is still a wild and unpredicteble animal. I wonder why the kid was teasing the cat. Were the parents hard on the kid and it was taking out its frustrations on the cat?

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