Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Passenger liner Republic sinks after collision

Further intelligence regarding the collision between the White Star liner Republic and the Florida, off Nantucket Island, shows that the disaster was caused by a thick fog, neither vessel being seen until they had crashed into each other.
Four steerage passengers belonging to the Florida were killed outright by the impact.
An attempt was made to tow the disabled Republic into New York, but she sank during last night.
Fortunately no one was on board at the time, her condition being such that it was not considered safe to leave anyone on her.
The liner Baltic, with the passengers from both the Republic and the Florida (the two vessels which collided), has arrived safely at Sandy Hoek.
The Florida is making for New York without assistance, though badly damaged by the collision.

Eastern Province Herald - January 26, 1909

Collisions such as this can be easily prevented nowadays since the invention of radar, but it must have really been scary to sail in those days. I wonder if the ships were sailing "dead ahead".

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