Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Destroying crows

At the recent meeting of the Fort Beaufort and Adelaide Farmers' Association a discussion took place on the advisability of destroying crows, which some members asserted did a great deal of harm.
Others, however, thought that the harm they did was more than counter-balanced by the good.
Mr Roberts thought it might be a great mistake to destrot the crows, and perhaps upset the "balance of nature."
The Karroo veld had in some parts become overrun with mice.
This was due to poisoning jackals; meercats and muishonds, hawks and owls were destroyed with the jackals and the mice left to breed undisturbed.
The mice had ruined many a morgen of veld and were increasing,

Eastern Province Herald - January 14, 1909

If man had realised so long ago that he should not mess with nature, how come we are only now starting to do something about it.

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