Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Port Elizabeth gambling den raided

Last evening about nine o'clock, considerable sensation was caused through a raid made by the members of the local detective force on premises in Evatt Street, which were alleged to be used as a Chinese gambling den.
The doors were locked, but the officers gained an entrance through the window and there ensued at once a mad scamper to escape.
A tight cordon had, however, been arranged, and 10 Chinamen were caught practically red-handed, the apparatus for the game also being seized with other indications of the illegal use to which the room was being used.
The accused were brought to the charge office, and up till a late hour last night crowds of their friends were in the vicinity arranging bail, etc.

Eastern Province Herald - December 7, 1908

I wonder if that's the same building that used to house the Silver Lantern. I remember going there with my folks on many occasions. You use to enter the building, which was at one stage just a regular double-storied house, go up some rickety stairs to a room with the most basic Formica top tables and chairs. From upstairs we used to hear the sound of Radio China or similar station being played in the kitchen. It was quaint, though, and the food was pretty good.

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