Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Canny Shepderd and his dog

A northern shepherd was telling of a favourite sheep-dog that had been for years his companion on the hills.
"But the time came when age unfitted the poor animal for its work, and when the only kindness in the shepherd's eyes was to put an end to its life.
And then he described how he had tied it to an apple tree and got his gun to shoot it.
"An' I could scarce look at the beast," he said, "as I fired, for I loved himell, and he had been sae wise."
The tears rolled down his cheeks as he told the story, and we paused in our talk as we trudged along the sun-lit road.
Then out of the silence came this further utterance: "I buried him," he faltered, "at the foot of the apple tree," and then another pause, and then the final words, "an' there would be a rare crop of apples on the tree the year, for there's naething for an apple tree like a dead dog." - From "Some Eminent Victorians," by Mr J Comyns Carr.

Eastern Province Herald - December 1, 1908

So much for his love of the dog. Perhaps he loved apples more!

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