Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bloodcurdling snake attack

Last evening (says Wednesday's "Argus") a well known Government official from Orangia was involved in a brief drama, which at one time threatened to be of the most bloodcurdling description.
To quote his own words: "I was walking from St James's (near Cape Town) in the moonlight, and became aware of a man and two young ladies in the road before me. Suddenly one of the latter, leaving her party, flung herself into my arms, entreating me 'to save her.'
She was trembling and in a state of collapse.
I said I would certainly save her, and advanced towards the man, who seemed to be dragging the other lady off the path.
Swinging my camera round by its strap, I prepared to blot him out with a blow, when someone shreiked 'Don't; it's a snake. Its bitten me!'
There, sure enough, in the roadway was a slender, sinuous monster, on which I instantly cast a stone.
The man, I observed, was shaken with terror, and the snake, well - it turned out to be an artificial hair-pad, such as ladies are said to use, and a dependent string had caught the heel of the fair pedestrian - whom I had the honour of rescuing from an untimely end!
I intend to present the specimen to the South African Museum and have provisionally christened it the 'pad-slang.'
The startled trio are fresh from Home, but have thus had an early introduction of the perils of 'Darkest Africa.'"

Eastern Province Herald - December 17, 1908

Well, slithering shivers, matey! I wonder if they were blonde?

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