Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Train attacked

Gangs of unruly natives again gave trouble yesterday (in Johannesburg).
They attacked a train on the West Rand at 8pm with a shower of stones. One piece of rock hurtled through a window, grazed a passenger's head, bounced off the cushion, and hit a gentleman on the opposite side in the mouth.
In the southern suburbs of Johannesburg they became agressive in the evening, and the few policemen stationed there made an onslaught on them.
The natives wore the colours of the Amalaita gang, and the vigorous pursuit which was continued till midnight resulted in the police arresting half a dozen, including an individual who was styled "sergeant-major."
The natives had as the rallying shout "Wohle Makhoa" (down with the whites).

Eastern Province Herald - November 24, 1908

So, stoning is nothing new. But there again, it's mentioned in the Old Testament. What do you think?

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