Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grey Institute Jubilee

Sunday, the 4th April, 1909, wil mark the jubilee of the opening day of the public schools under the Grey Foundation, and "Old Greys" desiring to commemorate so memorable an occasion, have taken time by the forelock and met together on Monday evening last to discuss the best method of celebrating the event.
It was an enthusiastic gathering, and after an animated discussion under the chairmanship of Mr C F Kayser, it was decided that, in view of the intention of building a new Grey Institute off the Cape Road, the "Old Greys" must endeavour to set apart some portion of the new building as their very own contribution. To that end, a strong committee has been formed, who will make it their business to approach "Old Greys" scattered north, east and west to see that their contribution will be one worthy of the school and of the occasion and of the donors themselves.
For the day itself, it is intended at present to hold a great sports meeting on Saturday, 3rd April, when old and young Greys can foregather and sport the school colours and the old motto "Tria juncta in uno."
The Committee formed is as follows: C F Kayser, Chairman; W Armstrong, vice-Chairman; E J Geard, Hon Treasurer; C G H Skead, Hon Secretary; Committee: F E Geoghegan, C H Mackay, T J Simpson, J C Kemsley, M Gumpert, W Macintosh, J Hay, J Scrimgeour, V Spindler, and W Chubb-Meredith.

Eastern Province Herald - November 26, 1908.

I wonder if the Old Greys will celebrate the 150th anniversary of actual teaching next year? See how many of the names are still at Grey. What do you think?

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