Friday, November 7, 2008

Equal wages for Whites & Blacks

Tuesday. Dr Haggar, MLA for Durban, representing the Natal Labour Party, addressed a well attended meeting of workmen tonight, urging the formation of a South African Labour Party.
He said a conference would be held about Christmas, where it was hoped that delegates from all the Colonies would attend, and that a National Labour Party with a Federal Labour Council would be the outcome.
The speaker created some alarm among the local labourites by stating that the party knew no colour and recognised that if a coloured man could do equal work to a white man he should be paid equally. If they got a standard wage to be applied equally to whites and blacks, he declared they would soon do away with the question of competition between the whites and the blacks.
The meeting agreed to organise the labour of the Colony with the object of sending delegates to the proposed conference.

Eastern Province Herald - November 4, 1908

Wow, can you believe this - equal wages for equal work in South Africa? And this happened 100 years ago? So what on earth went wrong?

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