Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Broaching the spoils

Last evening the police were kept hard at work arresting and locking up intoxicated natives. These enterprising freebooters were either caught in the act of broaching the cases and barrels of liquor washed up on the North End Beach, or were found in the possession of bottle of whisky and in more or less fuddled demeanour. Upwards of a score were thus accounted for, and will be brought up before the Magistrate this morning.
It is said that a number of these people, being scared away from the flotsam and jetsam on the beach, which they regarded as their natural prey, by a strong patrol of police, embarked in boats and started salvage operations on their own account in the open bay.

Eastern Province Herald - November 17, 1908

Port Elizabeth suffered two really huge floods. The one was in 1908 and the other was in 1968, both caused by huge unexpected cloudbursts. In both case the Baakens River came down in flood, causing terrible damage. For more about the 1908 flood read my weekly 100 Years Ago column at The Herald website.

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