Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bedford Show

The second annual Horticultural and Industrial Show was held at Bedford yesterday (Thursday) in a portion of Messrs J Will and Co.'s store, and in every way may be regarded as a success.
The number of entries was considerably in advance of last year, and the attendance was good, although the visitors from a distance were not so numerous, probably owing to no special trains being run.
There were so many fine exhibits in all the numerous departments that it would be impossible in a short paragraph to specify those most worthy of mention.
The flowers were exceedingly beautiful.
In the art sections the paintings were and photos evoked much admiration.
As also the varied assortment of choice needlework.
Special mention should be made of the clever work shown by the children of the town, both the Public School and the Convent having special displays.
The exhibition concluded about 5.30pm and was followed by a concert and a dance, both of which functions were well patronised.
The weather was favourable during the day, but at night there were some heavy showers.

Eastern Province Herald - November 2, 1908

I was amazed to see there were shows as long ago as 1907. Well done Bedford!

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