Wednesday, September 3, 2008

London Peace Conference

At the Peace Conference in London Mr Vanderpol (Lyons) took the view that the use of the balloon in war need not cause any great anxiety. They would not be large and would not carry a great quantity of explosives. Besides, the shells would be very carefully dropped, upon members of general staffs, perhaps. They might succeed in blowing up a few Generals. Strategic points might also be destroyed, but the speaker did not think more people would be killed, though the killing might be more appropriate."
Eastern Province Herald - September 2, 1908

You've got some guy sitting in a balloon thowing bombs on you and you should not be too worried about it? Well, does he really have a point? Two things, firstly, how high will the balloon be? If it's too high, the accuracy of the bombing might not be that good, but if they come lower, there's an increased chance of being shot down. The bloodthirsty generals wanted mass killing machines, not puny balloons. What do you think?

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