Monday, September 1, 2008

Kaiser wants civilisation

In a striking speech delivered at Strasburg, the Kaiser declared that he was firmly convinced that European peace was not imperilled. It rested, His Majesty continued, on too firm foundations to be upset by the incitements and calumnies of envions and ill-disposed individuals. The Princes and Statesmen of Europe were aware of their responsibility to God in the lives and properity of their people, and the latter wished quietly to develop the magnificent achievements of civilisation, and to measure their strength in a peaceful manner. Rivalry in peace was further assured by the strength on sea and land of the German people in arms. Germany was determined to maintain and develop her forces, and her own interests without fear or favour.

Eastern Province Herald - September 1, 1908

Amazing - this warmonger lied to the nations of the world about peace only six years before the outbreak of World War One. What do you think of this speech?


Anonymous said...

The Kaiser may well have been the leading offender, but others played their parts in launching the 'war to end wars'. For instance, the scheming politicians of Austria-Hungary, the haste to mobilisation on the part of Russia, the ultra-nationalists in France who thought only of the recovery of Alsace and Lorraine. The sad fact is that Europe in the early 20c was a powder keg ready to explode.

markyi said...

Absolutely! With all the treaties around everyone was bound to everyone else to come to their aid in case of war.