Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Native question

In dealing with the Native question of South Africa, there are certain facts to be considered and cannot be ignored by the most ardent anti-negropholist. In the Cape Colony (says the "Rustenburg Advocate") there has not been any native war for the last 30 years, and during a great part of that time the natives have been in possession of the franchise there, which cannot be taken as making out a case for those who declare as to the great danger of extending such a privilege to the black man, when it is warranted by due qualification.

Eastern Province Herald - August 26, 1908.

An early protest against apartheid! Unfortunately the laws were clearly heading in that direction already in 1908. First came the introduction of the Location Act. From there on it was freewheeling downhill to the dark, dark, days of racial intolerance. It wasn't only racial protest against the blacks, it was against anyone who wasn't the same as you.

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