Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Greenland explorers perish

The surivors of the Danish expedition which set out to explore Greenland, state that Mr Ericksen, the leader of the expedition, and two companions who were lost, were weatherbound on the coast throughout the summer, and perished in attempting to return over the inland ice.
The corpse of one man was found in a crevice, and besides the body were sketches showing the results of their work, also a diary wherein was written the following: 'I perished at 79 degrees north under hardships experienced in returning over the inland ice in November. I arrived here under a waning moon, and cannot go on owing to frozen feet and darkness. The corpses of the others are in the middle of the Fjord.' The bodies of the other were not found.
(Eastern Province Herald, August 17, 1908)

Nowadays when explorers go out they take celphones or radios and if they get into difficulties they simply give their GPS and request a helicopter to pick them up. One hundred years ago things were different. If you were in trouble, that was it. Those old guys really had guts. Your thoughts?


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JEster wrote:

"If you think about todays Everest trek today compared to 100 years ago, that mountain seems like a hill. We have many nifty devices to help us out when the going gets tough.

Technology puts a whole different spin on achievements such as the Greenland expedition.

The true achievement was 100 years ago when people were prepared to die in the name of exploration and discovery. That is quite something..."